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Here are my favorite comments from the last American Idol live blog on Gawker.TV/

Top 8 Guys Performance Episode

From robina:

Is this Seacrest’s gay army fantasy?

From MsStabby:

Ellen is better dressed than Randy, as far as boys’ clothes go.

From El_Gato:

"I think you actually made that a better song!"
Yes, for me to poop on.

From christonajetski:

Ellen’s frisky this week. Portia must be experiencing Shark Week

From foXYmoron:

you peaked orally? did she REALLY just say that?

From JBing:

Sweet power stance, Aaron.

From Brad Brown:

He’s got Ruben Studdard disease - I’m not sure we’ll remember him in six months

From pestilentschoolboy:

"It brought me to fake tears."

From Steverino Begins:

Crying after a 30 second performance? That’s like the emotional equivalent of a quickie.

From ihatetwitter:

Why does mullet give me the same creepy vibe James Spader does?

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